Tanky Freya Best Guide – Build, Strategy, Tips, and Tricks! – Mobile Legends

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Hello everyone! This time around is a guide to Mobile Legend’s Battle Maiden – Freya. In the guide, I’ve built her tanky with a mix of early damage. This is to let you dish out crowd control in the middle of team fights without getting bursted down immediately. With the cooldown reduction in the build, you can effectively 1v1 as well since your Skill2 coolsdown much faster. In team fights, you want to survive longer than the enemies’ marksmen and mages so you can disrupt their damage output. She can also be useful in getting enemy tanks/fighters off your teammates. Tanky Freya is Best Freya!

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  1. my main is freya n i have the best build in the world for what i know n this build are wrong,skill 2 ,normal fight skill 1 jump straight ulti if jump into enemy with stun like eudora click ulti first for extra amor n mr

  2. Nice video! That's good u explain order to to buy skills and when to max them. I had 1 more suggestion I have seen nobody do. Make a video entirely about the in game items screen and how it works. You see people messing around on there but they don't show what they are doing. I know about enough to buy hunters knife and sell it at level 15.