Sex Positions For Rock-Your-World Orgasms – Incredible Results

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Most couples want great sex but if yours is less than satisfying, it may take some simple adjustments. Here are some suggested sex positions to bring you and your partner to rock your world orgasms. The good news is that they don’t require you to have the flexibility of a gymnast or the strength of Hercules. Read on and see what I mean.

Woman on Top

This gives the woman maximum flexibility in determining when she is going to orgasm and whether it will be through clitoral stimulation or the G-spot. For a clitoral orgasm, your woman should lean forward, arch her back, and keep her crotch close to the base of your penis. A rocking motion works best to keep the clitoris stimulated and bring her to a rocking orgasm fast.

For a shuddering G-spot orgasm, the woman should lean back and rest her hands on his legs while moving up and down. The angle will stimulate her G-spot and soon enough the inevitable big O will occur.

The Wham Bam thank you Ma’am position

For those times when you both want to achieve orgasm quickly and then go on with other activities, this position works great. The woman should be spread eagle on a secure table or countertop facing you. It is a great position to plunge in deeply from the front and in no time at all, you are both spent and very satisfied.

G-spot extraordinaire position

Many women have never experienced a full body G-spot orgasm. But once you know how to do this to your woman, you will find them to be extremely satisfying for you both. Here’s a great position to bring you there.

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The woman assumes a doggy style position with the man entering from behind. Try to angle the thrusts so your penis hits the front of the vagina and directly stimulates the G-spot. In just a little while, your woman will be singing from the clouds and you won’t be complaining either.

Source by P Sean Maxwell

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