Zero Budget CGI Vfx Sci fi Indian Short Film – Nemesys : Tale of Vengeance (2015)

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An illegal science experiment gone horribly wrong ,a dangerous mutant on the prowl, neither the streets nor homes are safe. An ACP and his team working frantically to contain the menace, but do they face the ultimate superhero ? Will this man-made disaster be the death of mankind itself ?

Presenting Nemesys-a tale of vengeance , a movie by medicos from one of India’s premier medical colleges. Welcome to a world of vendettas, cover-ups and mutant vs mankind


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  1. Good find Prakash ! It wasn't something new to us.But still we appreciate how involved you were while watching the movie. Keep your criticisms – both positive and negative coming in. They help us get better 🙂

  2. Gr8 work Sajjad and team… I feel proud to say that u guys were my interns… Favas the animation and graphics were awesome. Cant wait till jan 2016 for second part… dont keep us waiting so loooong 🙂

  3. Congrats to the whole team for such a novel attempt! Kudos to the special effects and musical team! Background score is simply superb! Vfx are also really good! Special mention – Prabhat's acting and the news reader girl in the beginning scenes – commendable performance! All the best for the next two parts!

  4. really hard work put in this film, good job guys: however one film maker to another – details are a lot left out, seems like in the future India will be only filled with youngsters. Since you are probably just starting on the FX stuff, I would keep it to a minimum. Cast could definitely use some help in acting lessons. Sorry to sound so negative, I live in Texas, planning to come to India to do some training, my heart is to see young Indie film-makers succeed. Good job guys, keep at it.

  5. hi guys, this is one hell of cool attempt. I just loved it. I am electronics hobbiest. let me know if you are planning any short films with animatronics props….

  6. We are still amateurs at this. Also,the response to indian superhero short movies are generally not that great. People tend to compare them with high budget Hollywood productions.

    anyways thanks a lot for your compliment. and also the suggestion 🙂

  7. Saw the second part of this short film.Could not make out any shit. Then accidently saw that there is a first part of it. Now things make sense. And waiting for the third part. By the way,makers of this movie are too lazy to even give a link to the first part of it in the description of the second part. thumbs down for that!