Windows 7 Contest [Why I Love Windows 7]

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For Tiger Direct – I’ll tell you a little bit about why I love Windows 7. Why do YOU love Windows 7?

More screencasts and HD videos to come! Thanks.

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  1. I am trying hard to stick with Mac but dunno why i just feel like i am in a cage and cant do much >> like Customization , Gaming <3 , hosting different types of Servers like CSS , FTP , SMTP, MW3 etc… i personally think Mac UI is easy to use and good for beginners for doing day to day tasks but for a real geek windows is much more powerful.

  2. I love windows 7 because the interface is flawless. I REALLY love windows 7 because I can have two windows open side by side and snap them to the walls of my large ass monitor and do two things at once!!

  3. @MRduckling100 ROFL! My friend holds the same opinion as you and guess how much he spent on a computer that if it was windows would cost $5k (it was pretty sweet, all in one 27" monitor, surround sound, etc)? $18 for the mac version. That's like buying a car. And a crappy, slow, non-functional notebook that for windows costs $299 and if u get linux on it even less, the mac is $1499…….mac is not better, only more expensive. Get over it. Tool.

  4. I Hate Vista.. as soon as i bought my laptop. i put all the files i needed onto it. and this thing popped up saying VIRUS.. and i just clicked cancel. then it said some shit like.. to protect your pc please delete all files.. so i said no and it deleted them any way.. i want windows 7 tbh

  5. Now that Vista is gone, I'm shopping for a new pc with Window 7! I became a mac guy after Vista came out. It's cool, but I do miss having a pc with windows. XP was good to me, so I know windows 7 will be even better!


    Tim 5 stars!

  6. Nope, used it quite a bit. Family member has it and I'm not impressed with it. Then again, I guess I'm just not a windows fan. Not sure, but has Windows added multi-desktops/workspace to their OS, with out the need of a 3rd party app?