Wikileaks opens dirty secrets of Indian politics

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    Wikileaks has pushed into the open one of the dirtiest secrets in Indian politics. The latest leaked cable threatens to take down big fish in the Congress, the DMK and the MIM.


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    1. The paid media conveniently ignored this news, if it was even a single person from BJP they would have made this a huge issue. Look at the terrorist Owaisi, shameless bastard.

    2. Its because Hinduism teaches to respect all living beings. Smell? You go around smelling people? :)) Shame on U 😛 At least Hindus bath! Unlike foreigners who do not bath for days together 😛 No personal hygiene U see

    3. teri maaa ki chut ma loha ka garam danda da diya jayaga @grandmasterc1982. do not ever talk rubbish about about gandhii..if u do so then i will drag you to court and charge you to contempt of conspiracy aganist our country .

    4. aba lodu @bharatkiawaz sala kutaaa uneducated chutiya …kuch pata hai nahi bchala hai desh badalna..sala pehla kisi acha collg sa padh la aur kuch constitutional system ka bara ma sekh la fir bolio desh badalna ka bara ma..abhi teri aukad nahi hai.!!!! samja??? people in parlament are elected by people of india through democratic electionno one has authority to say rubbish about them…they represent the country. pehla economic policies ka bara ma jakar padhoooaur fir bolna bad ma

    5. aba lodu isi agent…do not try to destabilize india…if you try sothen u will be torn in pieces..understand????? congress is the oldest party alive in indiaand its the same party from where gandhi came !!!!!! plsss wait and see….india is just 60 years old….USA became today superpower after 300 years of its independene…..india needs time ..this is not ur house where you just clen everything in a minute…

    6. I had read on the internet about the Indian black money in Swiss banks long before Julian Assange hacked Swiss bank accounts. In 2003, I read there's more Indian black money in Swiss banks than any other nationality. Around $ 1500 billion. Now Mr.Assange has confirmed it. He knows the details of the secret account holders. I wonder if Signore Massimo Quattrocci is one of them.