Updated Beginners Guide to Facebook (2015)

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    Watch this video in it’s entirety or skip to the parts you want answered by clicking on the Timestamp by each item.
    1:09 – Facebook’s Search Bar
    2:02 – Liking a Busing Page on Facebook
    3:00 – Top Bar
    3:35 – Finding Friends on Facebook
    4:33 – Friend Notifications
    5:20 – Private Message Notifications
    5:59 – All other Notifications
    6:37 – Privacy Shortcuts
    7:07 – Settings and Logging Out of Facebook
    7:38 – Home Page Left Hand Side
    9:03 – What is your News Feed
    10:47 – Letting your friends know what you’re up to/ Status Updates
    12:20 – Personal Profile
    12:43 – Timeline
    13:43 – Editing your About Section

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    1. Bless you my Lady! I've been a fb holdout for years despite being pressured by everyone everywhere. I'm caving in but at this point it feels like learning how to use a telephone at the age of 49. My career demands me knowing this stuff and I miss extended family on fb so in the spirit of better late than never, I'm gonna cautiously dip a toe in. Your video helps a lot. Thank you.

    2. I just seen your video on " Updated Beginners Guide To Facebook" and I want to learn how to post my stores on my timeline and on the right side where it says " sponsored' but no one here has taught on that…do you have a video that teaches this?

    3. I am so happy I found your great video! I have a question: I shared a photo to a group page of Grand Canyon Hikers. And I have gotten notifications that my photo has been shared, which made me very happy. But why doesn't it show any # of the sharing under the post? (It shows nothing) Thank you in advance for your answer!

    4. Hey Audre,

      Im trying to teach my mom how to use Facebook, but I live in OR and she lives in WA so its hard to explain things to her over the phone. I was looking for a youtube video that would explain and show her how to use the features of Facebook and I found you! I was so excited to find something so perfect and easy to understand like your video. The problem is that every year or so Facebook updates their software and changes the way people find their friends or update their picture etc. For example: Facebook use to have a little phrase on your profile picture that if you clicked "update your profile picture" it would take you to the page where you could do so. Now you have to run your cursor over the your profile picture before the "update your picture link" will show. This is very frustrating for some people that don't use Facebook enough to learn these tricks but rely on Facebook in order to find and communicate with old friends. I know it would mean a lot to my mom and countless others if you could update your video to show how to navigate Facebook since their most recent update. Thanks again for making such a great video!

      God bless!

    5. Thank you for the video. I have been on facebook for a bit and I don't know it to much and I wanted to know more about facebook so was looking at your video. I have a question? One of my friends facebook page when I go on it. Under her friends it said 0 friends. I know she has a lots of friends can she block that or have it in private so I can't see it ? Thanks for your help. DJ

    6. Perhaps can answer  my question. After filling out Facebook form ,They supposed e-mailing me the code? but never do. I try many of times needing this Facebook code to begin my  Facebook activity ! and always email my e-mail address which never get this  5 number code. Can you please help me, thank you

    7. I'm wondering if you can help me..I didn't understand when I left Facebook each time..i thought you had to start a new account..didn't know you could just re- activate your old account..how can i find all my " old accounts" and DEACTIVATE them..I can't seem to find them all now.there should be 4 of them..plus I used my hubbys phone # to get in..thinking I could deactivate my accounts and be done..NOPE..wiped his Facebook off his phone and now my account with his phone # is on his phone and it won't let me deactivate..constantly says..session expired..just when I think I'm about out. he's very upset..PLEASE…can you help..everyone I've asked has been of no help so far …

    8. Hi – thank you for the video – can i please ask as question? Ive opened up a new Facebook page – when i go to other peoples Facebook i can view the like button on their page and click on it – but when other people come to mine there is no like button on my page – my page also doesn't show my likes like other peoples pages – is this because Facebook have changed their features? thank you and it would be great if i could get some advice – cheers –

    9. Hi Audrey,

      I’ve watched your video 4 times and I still find Facebook shocking, appalling, and just plain rude. (Please understand me, I’m not saying that about you, but about Facebook.) I find it this way because as you demonstrated, you don’t ask permission to post anything to anyone or have the ability to approve a post before it gets posted to your site (newsfeed or timeline). You go into your sister’s account and change and add anything you want without asking. I find all of that very disrespectful and unreal, regardless if it’s your sister or a friend. There doesn’t seem to be many Facebook boundaries. It’s pretty much open range for cattle to graze and leave their cow pies behind. I friended one person and all this stuff I didn’t want showed up on my site. How do I get rid of it? You showed how to post things, but how do you clean out the horse stall?

      Just so you know where I’m coming from, I’m 66 and have worked in 4 industries (farming, counseling, private investigation, and am just entering Real Estate). My managing broker encouraged me to set up an FB account with a business page to market properties. I’m used to the world of “confidentiality” and am “respectful” of the privacy of others. I find Facebook personally very intrusive and dangerous. “Information can and will be used against you in a court of law, whether that court be formal (before a judge) or informal (before your peers).” Gossip/slander/libel have devastated the lives of many a person, often times without the source (former friends, co-workers, etc.) of the gossip/slander/libel even knowing any damage was done. I’ve seen it many times and have experienced it myself. I don’t wish it on anyone…So how do I get rid of this unwanted stuff (text/photos – all of it)???

    10. (plz don't call me a noob for this)For the notification thing(I'm using FB in phone so yea,I dunno if you know what I mean),there's this notification says"Do you know*name of the FB user* "
      what or how does it do?