Top 5 BEST GPS Watches 2016!

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These are the top 5 BEST gps watch 2017. We’ve got Garmin gps running watch reviews, fitbit review, and a polar watch. Even more, this list goes over the most important factors about each of these watches including battery life, heart rate monitors, water resistance, features, sport profiles, activity and sleep tracking and more. I’ve done most of the individual reviews as well.

Garmin fenix 3 HR Review:

Garmin vivoactive HR Review:

Polar M400 Review:

Fitbit Blaze Review:

TomTom Spark Cardio Review:

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  1. I would have weighted the GPS tracking accuracy a bit more. Plenty of features are of no use if they show wrong data. I believe that the Suunto Ambit 3 has been proven best in accuracy. The new Suunto Spartan Ultra is not far behind.

  2. I am getting crazy trying to decide among Polar M400 (130€), Polar M200 (130€), Tom Tom spark cardio (170€) or vivoactive hr (220€). I run 3 times per week (around 30km/week) and swim indoor 1day/week. Just want a clock that hepls me track my excersice, show me the heart rate, distance and time on one glance. Also like going to the mountain and it would be ideal to bring my clock with me, but not the most important. Very tempted about the Polar M400… ¿What would you recommend?


  3. I picked up a new Ambit III for $25 bucks, so that pretty much settled the battle for me. At that price, it was cheaper than a used Casio Protrek that has no GPS or GPS breadcrumb tracking at all at all. I wish these watches though had more features geared for aviation back tracking to your home airport, altitude tracking, weather prediction, and were more geared for pilots and navigation, as I really have zero interest at all in any of the exercising features…. its just just that gets in the way. I also wish the faces were a lot more customizable and the battery life on all of them would last a lot longer in time only mode… like put the screen to sleep at night, or after 2 hours of no motion detected.

  4. Newer to running: doing my first half this spring and need to buy a watch. Viewed Gamin FR 230/235, Vivoactive, TomTom, FB Blaze videos. I am really confused/ unsure of which watch I should purchased. They all sound great! Many of my runner friends swear by Garmin, but I need help!

  5. I think I am just confused why the FR 235 costs more than the current vivoactive HR if they are so similar for running?  I have the vivoactive (no HR…I use an armband) and it work awesome but have really been looking at the 235 just for form factor and possible better use with the buttons when all sweaty on a run…I really don't know, what do y'all think???

  6. Watched few reviews and still thorn between Garmin 235 and TomTom Spark – a do a bit of indoor and outdoor running plus indoor rowing and bike but mainly strength training in the gym. I also want to know length and quality of my sleep. Which of those will be the best 🤓

  7. @RizKnows Great reviews, as always! Thank you! New subscriber. Shout out to SacTownies! I know we've been waiting for some major TomTom updates for a while ( >1 year) and they recently released their new Sports app (finally!!!). Could you do a review/opinion update on the new app please? Also, any word on updates for the sportwatches to include phone notifications? It's frustrating to wait over one year for a society that is so technologically dependent… What do you think the hold up is? Are phone notifications more of a hardware or software update?

    I know that #TomTom has been having difficulties with updating sportwatches to include phone, SMS, calendar, and phone notifications. But for the Spark 3 and especially the Adventurer, it would make sense to include these so the skiier or snowboarder does not have to stop, take off their gloves and gear, search their large pockets, and pull out their phones to check for notifications. Especially for a watch costing this much and since this society is addicted to their phones and technology, it's expected in any new technology. I am holding off on purchasing until I know this update has been released.

    Besides phone notifications, the only other updates that would definitely sell it would be adding open water swimming and more advanced sleep tracking i.e. light to REM. I mean they already have GPS and pool swim tracking, so put the 2 together and you have open water swimming. I could definitely do without additional sports added or color.

    If @TomTom updated their #TomTomSpark3 and #TomTomAdventurer to include phone notifications, they would dominate the smartwatch AND sportwatch market. #tomtomsports #sportwatch @TomTomUSA

  8. Hi There ! Vivoactive HR or TomTom spark cardio + music ? Mostly for running, crossfit and day to day activities (steps, sleep, … ) Your advices are always welcome. Great videos 🙂