OnePlus 3 review

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The OnePlus 3 is the third flagship smartphone from the young company, and is by far its best effort yet. For $399, the OnePlus 3 gives much higher-priced Android smartphones a serious run for their money.


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  1. is anyone else having a problem with there dash charging chord mine wont charge my Oneplus 3T at all and its not the Dash Charger itself because when i plug a different USB c cable into the brick my phone charges

  2. My dream phone (no name and these specs prob don't make sense but I ain't a nerd on this stuff):

    •Kirin 960 octa-core processor from Huawei
    •6 gigabytes of ram
    •4070 mAh battery like from the leEco le pro 3
    •quad hd display with super AMOLED display
    •OnePlus's DASH charge
    •32/64 gb storage with microSD slot for expandable storage
    •16 megapixel camera wth f/2.0 (I honestly don't know what that is tho lol)
    •front facing speakers if not dual speakers on the bottom
    •fingerprint scanner on the bottom of the phone, not rear side
    •capacitive buttons

    And just some extra features like maybe huawei's smart key but on a fingerprint scanner on the bottom and not the back of a phone, and knuckle gestures. IMHO, PRETTY SWEET PHONE

  3. Would have loved this phone but it missed 2 essential features:

    Thumbs down – for no expandable storage capacity. Is it really that much more difficult to add an SD card slot?

    Thumbs down – no automatic light display adjustment. Really who has time to go into settings anytime you pull out your phone when in a dark area.

  4. Watched a surface pro 4 add before this, and the person said it was the most powerful computer they had ever used. This made me assume that they had previously been using a potato.

  5. man come on, look at what ppl are saying on the net, ppl are getting less then 3 hours of on screen time on average, battery is disappointing, there is no way its going to afford a "full day of heavy use". this is misleading.

  6. Great review. I just have 2 questions.

    1. Have anyone use this phone with the T-Mobile network? Does it work on their LTE 4g network?
    2. What do people do about getting more storage? Google cloud or something else?

  7. Help me, I'm in such doubt! Wich one should I pick? In my country the price of the SE 64GB (with relatively cheap contract) is almost the same as the price of an OP3.

  8. I love everything I see with that phone. I'm just bummed that I can't use it on Verizon……. Sprint customers can't use it either. As a matter of fact no CDMA customers can use it. Just counting only Verizon and Sprint, that's over 200 million customers. It's probably not a good business decision to build a cell phone that's unusable for over 200 million cell phone customers.

  9. i own the soft gold version of this device and it is hands down the best purchase i have ever made. if you're thinking of buying it do not hesitate. you will love it forever.