Moto Z Review – The Best Modular Phone!

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Dave2D review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid modular phones from Motorola. Are these modular phones worth buying? Are MotoMods any good?

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  1. Do third-party module developers or phone manufacturers need a license to build mods or phones that are compatible with mods? If it's an open standard, I can see other phone manufacturers hopping on. If not, I doubt these will stick around for long.

  2. love my Moto Z! I so wish they would make a mod with a physical button interface for gaming. Slap it on the back with a slide feature and have face buttons, a D pad, and analogue buttons.

  3. how is the g5 a miss but this isn't? i had a g5 and i don't like it either, this is better but still shit. so modular yet so crippled, also i thought you're required by law to state that you have been sponsored by a company when you review a product

  4. Anyone who has the Z droid…. Have you noticed the camera gets scratches so easily? Have you dealed with this? Any solution you've found? Thanks in advance..

  5. Another great review, Dave. I've been toying with the idea of an android upgrade for ages, but struggled to pull the trigger, because frankly all the phones seem much of a muchness. Having watched this review though I've decided on taking a punt at the innovate Moto Z Force!

  6. Dude uv reviewed a ton of gadgets man. Some of these gadgets, peasants like us are still saving up to buy and u'r just flipping em up n down like they aint sh*t lool. i gotta ask man, does technology still excite u? being numb might be an occupational hazard in ur line of work. lol. That being said, ur reviews are awesome man… keep em coming.

  7. As I'm planning to get a new device, Moto Z is one of my choice but after being surprise with news that Nokia is coming back it gets me excited to it and choice turns to Nokia C1 after comparing both specs.

  8. I am using Moto X style. I am interested to buy Moto z, there are going launch on 17- October in India.. I need suggestion to buy it, is Moto Z(5.5″ AMOLED)battery life is worst then Moto X style(5.7" LCD) for a day performance (without any mods) ?

  9. Hey there Dave! I find that your videos are just so satisfying to watch!

    How u explain the details, the music used, 2d drawings…

    I love your videos so much! And thumbs to u i got myself a XPS 13 because of your review. =)