Minecraft FNAF – How to Make a Portal to FNAF WORLD!

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We build a portal to the FNAF World dimension in Minecraft! Anime Chica, Bonnie, toy Freddy and funtime Foxy vs Purple Guy / Springtrap!
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This is a Roleplay series, keep in mind it’s a funny parody / comedy, made to entertain! Let us know any dimension YOU want us to travel to, who to become / craft and which mods to use!

Mango — http://bit.ly/MangoTangoRoleplays
Zombie — http://bit.ly/ZombieWarsRoleplays
Jenna — http://bit.ly/PrincessJenna
Ducky — http://bit.ly/RubberDuckyOli
Ricky — http://bit.ly/RickyRodrigo
NawtPewDiePie — http://bit.ly/NawtPewdiepie

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  1. Can we SMASH 5,000 LIKES for MORE Minecraft How to Make a Portal videos?! Hope YOU all enjoy the LONG AWAITED FNAF World SPECIAL and lemme know any Dimension YOU want us to go into NEXT! We wanna do more Five Nights At Freddy's vids, so let me know YOUR ideas in the Comments! And Check out my FNAF World Roleplay HERE!: http://bit.ly/FNAFWorldPlaylist
    QOTD: Who is YOUR Favorite FNAF Animatronic?! (And which is YOUR Favorite FNAF Game / Fangame?!)

  2. Hello Mango Tango! I saw you at the convention in Houston May 21st! I'm pretty new to your channel and I hope that you see this comment! I'm now watching your portal videos as you recommended! Also thanks for the autograph!