LG G6 vs LG V20! Is the G6 a V20 killer? Smartphone Showdown!

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You asked! We answer! LG’s newest phone is a stunning achievement in design, with some killer photo and video features at the ready. It’s toughest competition actually comes from the bigger brother LG, last year’s V20. Which phone delivers the better bang for buck? Time for a showdown! G6 vs V20!
V20 Real Camera Review https://youtu.be/1NGnADbGQ4Y
V20 Real Audio Review https://youtu.be/SI1qntIdCeI
G6 Real Camera Review https://youtu.be/MWxa0N-7EXo
G6 Real Audio Review https://youtu.be/gR1uO3Hn0kY


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  1. Damn, Juan Carlos… nice fucking voiceover man. You remind me of Steve Blum during the Toonami afternoon block, and his tenure as Spike in Cowboy Bebop/Mugen in Samurai Champloo.

  2. I saw the silver G6 at Best Buy and I can't believe how imperfect the rounded corners are on the display. They are not smooth at all; there are abrupt points where the curves start. l was all for silver, but now I might go with black as it's less noticeable.

  3. Just the comparison I was looking for. You hit all the bullet points I was wondering about. Thanks for the video and helping in my decision making process.

  4. I'm on the verge of getting one of this two phones, Budget one of the principal Reason. This video helped me to make a stretch on money to get the LG G6 instead. Thanks.

  5. If the V30 keeps the removable battery and ads waterproofing im def switching although i know it wont be better overall than the Note 8 its possible the camera could be and ive been itching to go back to removable battery! C'mon LG make us proud!!

  6. at first when i heard the v20 was out, i was stoked, but watching reviews after reviews, can't say ive grown to like the v20 as i did initially, specs are decent but the overall look, this would have sold if it had the body of a v10, but in all seriousness, its the overall plain square-box look v20 has that puts me off immensely, so ill wait for when the g6 comes out in the uk

  7. I'm going to stick with my v20. I'm very happy with it and when LG brings out the v30 if it's better than the v20 I'll get that one. Until then, v20 all the way. I'm pretty sure LG will make the v30 much better than the v20. I guess we'll have to wait and see. As far as them saying the v20 is not eye catching, who cares, that's what phone cases are for. LOL

  8. no proof V30 is coming this year… i need a new phone soon, can't wait until October or 2017 for a new phone…. I'm waiting for Verizon to reduce prices on V20

  9. I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and was looking forward to the S8+ but after seeing the LG V20 and the S8+ in the store, I went with the LG V20 and do not regret my decision at all. I'm really loving my new LG phone!

  10. wanted the g6 currently have v20 and the s8 just came about an hr ago in mail and I love it I would have honestly been satisfied with the v20 if it was worth it. 650$ for a better phome vs almost 800$ talk about ridiculous

  11. Tough Choice…But Luckily Since I've Become Who Has Had 2 Phones Since 2004…I'd Buy Both…If Were To Purchase Devices Like Those…But Since I'm Not Rich…And Money Trees Are Rather More A Myth~Which Explains Why Mine Didn't Grow…I Shan't Be Able To Buy Them…The Removable Battery In The LG V20 Is One Of The Advantages Over The LG G6…

  12. Sorry I meant Hi-Fi Quad. When you plug into your Aux it will show Hi-Fi options. Yes, anything you plug into the Aux the sound comes out better. Also video/sound recording comes out great. Lgv20 is the best I think in that regard.

  13. after 6 months with my v20 after the note 7 fiasco… switching over to the s8+ tomorrow

    the lcd display never did it for me

    the wide angle camera and ir blaster will definitely be missed

    tmobile jump on demand strikes again