How To Deal With Loneliness – Especially While Self-Actualizing

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How To Deal With Loneliness – Addressing the root cause of loneliness, especially when you’re doing personal development, and why it’s really worth it to face this issue head-on once and for all.

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Disclaimer: Advice provided without warranty. This is NOT medical advice. By watching & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences.


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  1. looking forward to watching "how to stop caring what people think of you" with that colorful picture. monkey brain and ego are so annoying….and yes. I do talk to myself out loud and look weird because I don't care – this is my journey. not yours…and who knows, maybe what I'm rambling on and metabolizing out loud will help someone one day in passing. Serendipity. Serene. The universe works in beautiful ways. Blessings man. 😀😀👊 POUND IT!

  2. Hi Leo. I watched this and it was what I needed to want at the exact point and time in my life. I'm a healer and through the journey become a fucking awesome healer. You did not strike me as an introvert and I was surprised when you said you were in the video…you carry introversion well! Pretty sure I don't have thee balls to do what you do – self-conscious /ego malarky has stood in my way through the years.

    I''m precisely on the line between extrovert and introvert (I took the psychology test to determine whether you're an INFT (Introverted Intuitive Feeler and Thinker).I am literally right on the line by a few points between Introvert and Extrovert. When I am more social and going to the club I have to regenerate my batteries and introvert for a day or two. Sometimes longer.

    yet as a kid I was 100% extroverted – talked to everyone my age and the old but slowly as I've gotten older into my dirty 30s lol i've become more introverted. the stars aligned and conspired to give me the torch and lead me to where I am at right now at this very moment. I am alone. the most alone I've ever felt since middle school which was super painful – bullied n stuff like we all are but are too afraid to admit. it's not their fault and it wasn't mine for the longest time. I'm an artist a thinker/reader, I've studied many pagan paths and taken bits and pieces from each BUT meditation is a thread that connects them all. I suggest learning Sanskrit mantras at some point *Ganesha is the maaaan!!! it brings you deeper within and without of your self). If you go deep enough and your mind is quiet quietness. is beautiful and only I will feel that feeling as uniquely as I do. The act of meditation is a solitary experience. even colors are different for every single person (this is your point, right??…….I've spent many a night going "home from the club in tears" myself. I've felt so alone that no one would miss me if I just went on a spontaneous road trip by myself or go camping in the woods, off the grid, for a couple months. I've been lucky enough to go to Italy, Canada,and cross country twice. I went to Puerto Rico alone though at 29yers old and would do it all over again.

    The thing is I feel MY JOURNEY is waay more complex and is a bit of an uphill battle._____ I have mental illness. I am bipolar type 2 with rapid cycling having manic/depressive moods or episodes lasting a few hours within a day to a week. I've been "sick' since puberty. Having this opened me up to a lot of alone and isolatory behavior – more of an observer of the human experience.. living a life like this set me up to where I am today. I'm a sensitive empath with one foot in this world and one foot in the next – I've met my shadow (Jungian term)…have gotten very close with him..and only recently have I began to really explore and my lighter side.It feels foreign but necessary – you can't have light without dark – the yin/yang is a PERFECT EXAMPLE – even the white has a dark spot and visa Vera. medication will be replaced with *meditation and creativity as I'm only truly happy when I'm creating. if I devote nurturing a healthy lifestyle mind, body, and spirit – having the same sleep/wakehours everyday to keep those biorhythms nice and stable.

    the concept of embracing aloneness is very smart and doable for anyone (if I can do it the rest of you can too and Leo, you're right…knowing the "self" is crucial for a healthy foundation – all else is secondary – life is a theatre – social construct after social bullshit construct say we have to do this and god forbid can't do that….. and UNFORTUNATELYYYYYYYYYY THE WORLD and it's never-ending war (civil war and world war) it's fueled and hailed by men with huge ego's and big wallets ……….and it's dangerous. Ego will undo this world. Shed your ego, know thyself. And only yourself because really that's all you have had and will have until you die alone.

    I'm going to use your suggestions to go deeper into being alone and meeting my God. We are all our own Gods from the universe *each and every one of us has materials that are within star only makes sense. it's life changing to experience solitude – I went to Puerto Rico alone and I'm from New England. That changes a person – I met parts of yourself I never knew I had.

    Your WORDS AND THOUGHTS were/are/is going to be extremely helpful but challenging – know the shadow side and light side. Go and have a trip! LOVED it when you said that, Leo!! travel down the rabbit hole to the god withi

    Our tribe during these dark fucked fdadg;ahjkhre;ghjad times needs a counter balance. Us. Our tribe.. higher thinking and wellness..thinkers, shakers, heroes, healers, sages.

    Thanks so much Leo 🙂 naturally introverted, your spirit continues to help, heal, and put out sage-like energy into the collective consciousness of our entire universe *butterfly effect…keep making ripples and teaching myself and others how to make and nurture their own. You do good work man. thanks again brother.
    to the naysayers who thought this comment was an essay…good. WE ALL SHOULD BE TALKING AND CONNECTING – THE EGO'S THAT BE AND THE ONES IN POWER?? DON'T LET THEM OR SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS of what is normal or not DIVIDE US. ONE TRIBE. ONE VOICE.


  3. Hey Leo,

    How do I deal with the fact I am the only person in my life that meditates.

    I see my girlfriend, family members and friends suffer with unhappiness/anxiety/etc and I have literally found the answer and no one will listen.

    For the past few months I've just stopped talking about it. Maybe I've answered my own question and should just focus on myself but I still feel guilty. Any advice?


  4. When you said the end-game is to be able to be happy being the last person on earth, it made me think of Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen" teleporting to Mars to be in solitude. Good image there, eh?

  5. What a video! What a person! I mean you have to be a great human being to have the energy, the courage and the passion to help other people achieve personal development! You are really inspiring and i am quite exciting right now after this amazing video. Thank you Leo, thank you so much!

  6. Leo, I have to admit this video is really life changing. I mean, I can relate to your personal experience in so many aspects. I actually moved to another city by myself. My family was just like: wtf do u wanna go all alone in a foreign place with no friends, no family and stuff. But I went there and I definitely experienced loneliness. I learned so much in those 6 months and I can affirm I'm a better person today. I really faced my inner demons and I've learned a lot about myself. When I was crying and suffering deep down inside of me because I had no friends and acquaintances, I was thinking about my parents and their non stop advice about the importance of being a social person. As a disguised introvert and anxious person, I made some ridiculous efforts to learn how to be social and I ended up building few relationships with my classmates at school. And yeah Leo, solitude is the key.

  7. Leo, I keep failing at stoping myself from playing video games and consuming caffeine and chasing stimulation and fun. How do I get mysself out of this? do I have to go all alone without my friends and meditate to get enough awareness to stop it?

  8. i get what your'e saying and it sound cool but how can i know your aren't bullshitting about everything
    (i am meditating for almost a year now and i haven't got to the part in which i understand why i am doing so (meditating

    i can see the logic behind what your'e saying but what if it just a theory, what if i'm just wasting my time chasing the things you ). describe when that is not really the end goal (not that im saying there is a goal at all

    i dont know what my question is or what i want to get from this post but i just feel that i cant really know if this self acutalizing thing is real and my own life experience haven't got me to the answer yet..

    love u all and sorry for grammar and misspelling

  9. what if my lonelimess is a deeper problem (I think); what if I have always had hard time getting to know people (one might say I haven't follow your advice from the early days of and I haven't developed confidence and social skills). Should I pursue this loneliness then? In my case it seems more like now willing or not being able to escape my comfort zone, than sth my choice. Going for a lonely journey would be painfull but in fact easier and more comfortable than getting friends and setting up holidays with them. I mean I can do it, but it would seem a bit self deluding rather than self actualizing…

  10. "You can't learn anything valuable from other people" says the guy giving advice to others lol. Leo, I love your videos, but I think this video is a bit black and white. I'd love to have a conversation with you because I could show you things from a different perspective.

  11. Wow its amazing))) For a last month i felt so lonely that i really didn't know what to do how to help myself to heal my heart from this heavy feelings. I asked God to help me and give me answer )) And now here absolutely accidentally i found your video)) This is the answer and actually proof of my thoughts i found here. Thank you Leo you are the Guru )))