Galaxy Note Edge Review: The Ultimate Samsung Smartphone

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge slaps a sleek curved display atop an already-dense set of capabilities to create the world’s most feature-packed smartphone. Find out if that’s enough to overcome its steep price tag in Pocketnow’s Galaxy Note Edge review, then check out our full review of its sister smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4:


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  1. I just bought this in 2017 and it's beyond worth it and still competes today. this is how you know cell phone technology is at a Plato, a 3 year smart phone still stands toe to toe with the new phones and give you features you haven't seen since the note 4. This phone with the Samsung multimedia smarty dock is a complete PC replacement. The note 5 toke way to much away just to up the design some, Like the note 5 has no MHL out so you can't connect to screens via HDMI connectors, only screen cast screen cast had a delay.

  2. I'm still using my Samsung galaxy note edge and I love it! Rooted with custom kernel and Android marshmallow with updated ui, this phone is a beast! Multitasking is taken to another level and all long term users of this phone know exactly what i'm talking about. This phone can still go head to head with some of the best from today's market

  3. I wish this kind of edge multitasking was available in the s6 and s7 edge phones. Or, you know, it'd be cool if samsung released a note edge 2 and used the edge screen as a second screen like in the LG V20, pretty much like they did in this phone but better and more advertised…

  4. Hello all. Please can someone tell me how I turn off the edge scree, when the Galaxy Note Edge is in standby mode? When the screen is black, you still have that Galaxy Note Edge line written on the edge screen. I always have the impression it will consume a lot of battery. Also in my pocket, I'm afraid it might launch apps unnecessarily. Thanks.

  5. I love this phone….. but hate android and all apps clogging it up by updating like its going out of fashion… very annoying…. I wonder if Windows Vista Ultimate would run beater on this…. as that's as bad hehe

  6. @Pocketnow quick questions. I have a Note5, love it, was going to get Note 7 until the fires.. My Note 5 has corrsision inside, not from getting wet, they think maybe humidity.. I used insurance today to get a new phone, no Note 5 available. Many options, I was between Galaxy Note Edge and S7 Edge. I think I made a stupid mistake choosing Note Edge, I wanted to keep my stylus.. and it has some better options.. but S7 Edge is newer, better battery and memory expansion, etc. I have the option of rejecting the Note Edge and replacing with the S7, I don't like the smaller screen, but like the "edge" being on both sides. Can you give me your Pro advice on which is the best bet? I'm going to look up resale values on both now.. Thanks!

  7. looking at all the specs, the only thing that could beat my note edge as my only cell phone, would be the note6 if and only of it comes with 6gb ram (but i would still want the edge panel and look and feel of the note edge). note4 and 5 don't cut it.

  8. love my note edge. have done art work on it. the edge i use all the time, for music, app launch, notifs, calls, msm. was ready to buy note5 then found that no microSD, so i went amazon and got brand new, never sold, unlocked note edge. 1of best deczns ever made.

  9. I have this phone, I don't know what could be an upgrade from this, it does everything. Sure some phones have faster processors, big deal, It's still pretty good for the next few years.

  10. I'm looing for a phone in 2016 and I saw this vid looking for a phone with an edge then I saw that it was made in 2014 this is an old phone. If anyone has any phone suggestions plz tell me