DUNKIRK Trailer (2017) Christopher Nolan, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy War Movie HD

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First trailer for DUNKIRK, from Interstellar, Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy filmmaker!
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A Movie directed by Christopher Nolan
Cast : Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance
Release Date : July 21, 2017
Genre : War, Drama

© 2016 – Warner Bros. Picures

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  1. My favorite scene already is the fliers coming down saying "We Surround You" Psychological warfare like that is the most extreme, sadistic, deadliest and effective, and we still have a giant Christopher Nolan movie left to see after this

  2. Dunkirk was just ONE of the fiascos the Allies made. It's up there with the defense of Hong Kong, the Dieppe Raid, and Market Garden. Oh great. They just made a movie about one of the biggest blunders the Allies made. It was practically a repeat of the invasion attempt in WWI.

  3. 1:04 – WTF? They didn't even have enough money to make CGI Messerschmitts??? They had to use the same Spanish knock offs (Hispano Aviación HA-1112-M1L Buchón) they used in the old Battle of Britain movie? Or is that CGI and they used the incorrect Hispano Aviación HA-1112 as the model? I mean, if they can't even get that right, what else can they get wrong?

  4. While Dunkirk was certainly a remarkable logistical effort, I have a feeling that this will be stupidly over dramatized and it will completely ignore the fact that the Germans allowed the evacuation and never even made anything resembling a serious effort to stop it, in an attempt to score some political goodwill with the UK in the hopes of a negotiated peace.

  5. Questions: who came here after hearing Harry on BBC when his single dropped?
    Who came here after hearing about him in the movie?
    And finally
    Who's here straight from the single and reading comments